Milestone Cars has offices in the United Kingdom (U.K) , The Republic of Kenya And, The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E).

Over 50 years experience in vehicle import and export together with local sales both in the United Kingdom (U.K), The Republic of Kenya and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) Milestone Cars has become a market leader in the import and export of luxury 4×4 motor vehicles together with Hybrid operated vehicles “hybrid technology” ASV’s (Armoured Service Vehicles), light and heavy commercial vehicles, MPV’s (multi-passenger vehicles) limousines, bespoke vehicles and Super-cars.

Milestone Cars has offices in the United Kingdom (U.K) , The Republic of Kenya , Mombasa and The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) . The company was incorporated some 25 years ago , and has grown over the years having initially dealt in vehicle export to the East African Market.

Through the years , the Company has expanded having established an set-up branches in Mombasa , Kenya. The Company went further to establish offices in Dubai , U.A.E over the summer of 2012 and established the “Armoured Division” . The company now operates in the import and export of luxury vehicles from Japan , US , UK , UAE and Europe to destinations across the globe .

An arm of the company operating as Milestone Cars ASV deals in the Armoured Vehicle market (ASV) and Defence Industry . Yet the company has also focused on the founding function of vehicle import and export for both non-armoured and armoured units.

Our clients include Government Embassies , The Kenyan Embassy ( The Netherlands , The Hague ) , N.G.O , United Nations ( U.N ) , High Net-Work Individual ( H.N.I ) , Security Defence Companies and Governments . We have a strong understanding of the needs of our clients and this is reflected in our reputation in the U.K , U.A.E and Kenya , we offer a high quality , high value, personalised service. We are committed to our customers and take pride in ensuring that we excel all expectations every step of the way , whilst ensuring a high level of professionalism at all times.

Our extensive stock is always prepared to the highest standard. This is something that is embodied within our company motto: “We only sell quality“.