London, England – Head Office : Private Registration

We actively deal in the cherished transfer market. If we do not have a plate in stock that suits your requirements, I am sure we will be able to locate something specifically for you. We have extensive knowledge of the cherished transfer market and may be able to assist you in any of your enquires.

Alternatively, If you have a cherished plate that is no longer desired you are welcome to contact our UK Sales Team whom will provide you a valuation and or make a offer.

Mombasa, Kenya – Sales Office : Private Registration

Our sales offices in Mombasa, Kenya also offers the same service,

You are kindly requested to contact any member of our sales team to lodge your desired plate, please ensure your vehicle is on the high-seas, or in a allocated CFS. You may be required to bring or quote your import documents to allow us to smoothen the registration process. NB: Import Duty for the vehicle must be cleared with the relevant authorities and any additional damages to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). ” KAR 555 P ” – EXAMPLE REGISTRATION

All prices include transfer and handling fees.

T444X ME ” Tax Me “ £10,500 Kshs 1,480,500/= $14,000
T13 AHA ” Taha ”  £10,500 Kshs 1,480,500/= $13,450
S11 HYA  £50,000 Kshs 7,050,000/= $64,000
M444 FYA ” Mafia ”  £100,000 Kshs 14,1000,000/= $224,000
ME53 DEZ ” Mercedes “ £35,000 Kshs 4,935,000/= $24,000
B16 HJC ” Big Heavy Juicy Car “ £2,000 Kshs 282,000/= $4,000
M444 MED ” Mohamed ”  £27,000 Kshs 3,807,000/= $24,000
S14 ORA  £5,200 Kshs 733,200/= $10,000
J4 CUE ” Cue ”  £1,150  Kshs 162,150/= $2,000